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We are geeks, developers and technology lovers that believe in share all technology knowledge and we want to explain all concepts for noobs and rookies, this website contains lessons about hacking, programming, hardware, software and so on.

This site is oriented to self-learning and all contents are created with learning purpose. All responsabilities provocated about all contents is responsability from reader not writter. All contents is licensed by Reverse Bytes and is under Creative Commons license Attribution type.

All images related in every post are published under free license and usage. If you find any resource violating laws or license please contact us immediately. If you want to know more about authors please click here.

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App Mobile Development

We engaging your audience extending your business in the most bigger mobile platforms, Android and iOS.

Web Development

Grow up your business with sofisticaded web platforms such as intranets, dashboards, enterprise platforms and so on.

Machine Learning Services

You need an API to improve your platforms like file contextual searching, speech, image recognition or detecting vulnerabilities in your own systems.


Automate all of your infrastructure, implement bigger systems with Chef solutions, Azure or AWS, scripting to create tasks, and finally visualize it in a beautiful frontend to manage. And create an ecosystem to communicate your business areas like development and infraestructure.

Desktop Development

In corporate world not every task are web and mobile solutions, also you need traditional solutions using desktop apps like Slack, Office, Spotify and more. Also we could automate tasks or create bridges to communicate you with your employees.

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